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Dirty Kiss

Dirty Kiss - Greg Tremblay, Rhys Ford [b:Dirty Kiss|11787563|Dirty Kiss (Cole McGinnis, #1)|Rhys Ford|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1349041094s/11787563.jpg|16739747]

**Audible edition**

Great narrator, great story, great characters and chemistry. I love a good m/m romance mystery and I’m a sucker for anything cops, PI and military!

This was my first time with author, Rhys Ford, and once I got a grasp of all the Korean characters and who was related to whom, it was smooth sailing for me. I will be back for more.

It was also my first time with narration by Greg Temblay and he did an amazing job.

My only gripe is that the rest of the series is not available in Audio, yet. According to Rhys, Greg is working on book 2 now so I think I will wait since I enjoy audiobooks so much. This was a great start to the Cole McGinnis series.