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After Midnight

After Midnight - Santino Hassell I'll write review when I'm not using my phone :) Adam & gordon sitting on a tree...KISSING.....[b:After Midnight|18133703|After Midnight|Santino Hassell|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1374067181s/18133703.jpg|16646256]

I loved everything about this book – ALL of it!

I read the entire ICoS in June 2013 and couldn’t get enough (went back and read favorite scenes). When I heard Sonny was publishing a book set in the ICoS world, I jumped for joy and am now gushing….where to begin….

After Midnight</> lived up to all of my expectations! It was just the right amount of action, sexy, and angst and hit ALL of my buttons. This crazy duo had it all going on! I love the bad-ass characters that Sonny created and LOVED the grittiness of it all. After Midnight was character driven story that had a great dialogue mixed in with sarcasm, sex, action, sex, violence with romance thrown into the mix.

I have to say that Gordon drove me crazy with all of his abuse of drugs, alcohol , and dumb decisions, but then he grew on me. . .I ended up wanted to hug him to death!

Adam and his need to protect Gordon, even if it meant trouble at the agency, was very endearing and made me fall in love with him, as well.

I read this all in one sitting and would definitely recommend After Midnight</> to anyone who hasn't read the ICoS series and DEFINITELY to those that have read it :)

This girl is a happy, happy camper and will probably go back and read ICoS again real soon because I want MORE!