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Altered States

Altered States - Laura Harner [b:Altered States|13704772|Altered States (Altered States, #1)|Laura Harner|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1338242117s/13704772.jpg|19337276]

Short story written for Don’t Read in the Closet Events, this was a great quick read that hit all my requirements; sexy bad boy, a little angst, action, murder mystery, pairing of two detectives (one openly gay and the other ??), and hot-hot-hot!

Yay - two authors that are new to me and I’ll definitely be looking for other books written by TA Webb and Laura Harner.

The ending threw me for a loop and I quickly realized this was a prequel to Deep Blues Goodbye – whew!

If you like a good murder mystery & erotic m/m romance, I suggest you pick this up.