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Rough Canvas

Rough Canvas - Joey W. Hill [b:Rough Canvas|5709572|Rough Canvas (Nature of Desire, #6)|Joey W. Hill|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1226767001s/5709572.jpg|5881169]
I don't think I have words to express how much I enjoyed this book. It was such an emotional journey from start to finish. The love Marcus and Thomas have for each other jumps out of the pages and I just wanted to hug them so badly.

The romance in this book is stunning and sensuous ... all the emotions you want to have while reading erotic romance. Thomas needs Marcus as much as Marcus needs him - this need comes to life throughout the entire book. Needy, emotional and HOT!

If you like the m/m genre or are new to it, this is a great book to read.