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A Reason To Believe

A Reason To Believe - Jack LeFleur, Diana Copland [b:A Reason To Believe|15847019|A Reason To Believe|Diana Copland|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1345843256s/15847019.jpg|21591489]

I enjoyed this book after I fast-forwarded the part where the child’s death was relived. I can’t take brutality to children or animals. After that, it was smooth sailing. As usual Jack Le Fleur did an excellent job narrating. I especially loved the voice of Kiernan Fitzpatrick.

Mystery, romance and detectives make the top of my reading list and this book didn't disappoint. The mystery had me guessing until the very end. The romance was slow, sweet and full of tension. I could feel their emotions and fell in love with both MC’s. Recommend this fun read with a little bit of ghost action.